Trudy and the Romance is the perfect recipe for Oliver Taylor unstoppable eclecticism.


Oliver Taylor artistic journey starts in 2014, when together with his always loyal bass player and drummer, respectively Lewis Rollinson and Brad Mullins, they sign the debut single “All My Love”, a leap into the past where an almost unearthly voice and a brilliant vintage guitar lull us into an endless dream.

He Sings” continues on the same path, with a restless voice ready to experiment and explore new places of the soul, expressing them with the colours of the best traditional songwriting and a pinch of punk attitude. “Wild” toys with soul music, and in the energetic roughness of a raw and direct sound the character of an artist with a precious wealth of stories to tell is emerging more and more clearly.

The “Junkyard Jazz” EP contains four gems that enhances the musical proposal of this project, as well as elevating the songwriting on frequencies where taste and creativity are in a perfect combination, and here the memory could get confused among the endless rivers of Elvis Costello’s discography and King Krule’s more recent R’n’B introversions, with the Doo Wop progression and the catalogue of the most important quartet of fellow citizens of all musical history to confirm the mix.

Since it’s time for an album, “Sandman” comes out as Deluxe Edition in 2021, inside this piece of work there is room for the visions we have known so far, the songs flow free one after the other leaving the imagination wandering among deserts burned by a dazzling sun, canyons coloured by psychedelic delusions, intoxicating cocktail parties, among infinite gardens of junipers and honeysuckles.

But now on more recent days, “Angel” is the new test for Oliver and his fellow companions, and here we touch perfection, a song that turns out to be the crown jewel of his discography: sparkling guitars, American style slides, a Springsteen style and a harmony that improves itself moment by moment, as in the best inspired songs by Sondre Lerche. Things seem to be going well for Trudy and the Romance, and we remain in the front row waiting for their next fruits, maybe live. Keep an eye on them, they deserve attention.



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Trudy and the Romance is the perfect recipe for Oliver Taylor unstoppable eclecticism.
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