Valeras, the revolution starts in Reading [Review]


We can just see ourselves cruising down Cienega Boulevard, windows down and Valeras blaring at full volume.

Valeras are a band like no other, they handle their all-encompassing pop material with a certain ease, with a strong sensitive streak about their melodies. The beginning of “Ricochet (Nunca Morirà) is vigorous example of the band’s sharp interception of the perfect succession of notes, ready to become the listener’s next ear-worm. 

There’s a reference to the grittier chicano rock in this piece, visions of a worn-out Mexico but with a lively and pulsating revolucion straight out of a spaghetti western with Tepepa and its compañeros. Valeras interpret the indie-rock lesson in their own way, and while they don’t turn their noses up at the massive doses of cutting guitars and tribal-pop rhythms to No Doubt, they go further towards the epic rock epic. They have developed a theme of revolutionary influence and an exoticism that looks and invites us to look far away, losing ourselves in that very same moment in timeless music.

Nando Dorelassi
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Valeras, the revolution starts in Reading [Review]
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