When downtempo becomes dark matter: Le Marina and her debut faithful only to herself. [EP Review]


Dualism pervades the debut work of Le Marina, a debut EP entitled “Libera“, in which the Italian title betrays a sound that has nothing to do with what you can find right now, searching far and wide among the Italian peninsula. Yes, because behind “Le Marina” there is only one artist (“Le” suggests it’s more than one in italian, N.d.T.), originally from Florence, she has been living in London for eight years now, a metropolis from which she seems to absorb frontier electronic sounds, but also the freedom to express herself through an aesthetic faithful only to herself. The stream of consciousness in sound form that threateningly unfolds is sublime, reaching the highest peaks when the experimental attitude becomes a vivid presence and permeates every expression, every sound. However evident the influence of FKA Twigs, of Arca, of a Bristol trip-hop/downtempo in its darkest sense, it’s equally evident that in these six tracks the composer didn’t miss a debate with herself, with her own inclinations and her own experiences, not neglecting any aspect in this sort of self-analysis.

Sometimes the reflection of an R'n'B drifted away from its consolidated features emerges in the dense electronic magma, the voice is subtle, sharp, plays with the samples and with the incessant beat of an icy and post-industrial drum machine. The EP is released on May 8th for the British label The Sound of Everything, with which the artist has already released her previous singles. There is also her latest videoclip of "I Say It Sad", where in a hauntologic image, that is very reminiscent of that produced by Not Not Fun, we get stuck to the vision of a deteriorated but aestheticizing support, in search of a natural datum, of a biographical note, but nothing, everything remains delightfully indeterminate, and therefore fascinating.

Nando Dorelassi
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When downtempo becomes dark matter: Le Marina and her debut faithful only to herself. [EP Review]
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