Four questions to the North London collective Fake Turins.


Nomadic Disco Psychedelia they define it, the Fake Turins, an audio-visual collective from North London that works as a real big band with amazing effects.

Evergrown” was released on April 16th and we took the opportunity to ask him some questions.

– What’s the mission of Fake Turins?

To slowly unravel the London scene from within & bring them all into my cult.


– What is your creative process like ?

'Evergrown' - Artwork #1

A mixture of inspiration & deprivation. Writing multitudes of ideas & then stripping away both the context & the artifice. Unfortunately, the latter is much harder. 


– Tell us about your latest release “Evergrown” and how it came about?

Evergrown is a story about battling one’s own delusions of grandeur. We all build large narratives for ourselves & write the finale before we’ve even lived it – this song attempts to explore the sensual intimacy those dreams provide & the strengths in letting them go. 


– What’s the future looking like for you ? 

We’ve got a host of rescheduled dates from the beginning of the year – including a sold out show at the 100 club – alongside a lot more recorded material taken from our lockdown days spent in the studio. Very keen to get out of the warehouse & back to the stage!


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Four questions to the North London collective Fake Turins.
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